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May Afternoon Bike Ride to Pine Street Pub, Inverness



May 12, 2017.

4:00 p.m.

Starting from in Floral City.








We will ride the Withlacoochee Trail to Pine Street Pub or The Ice Cream Doctor (Rider’s preference) in Inverness.

The ride is about 8 miles one way, 16 miles round trip.







People ready to ride at in Floral City, right on the Withlacoochee Trail
The gathering place at in Floral City, right on the Withlacoochee Trail













Arrive early and shop.  The store is open that day from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

A drawing will be held for a free gift.  Be sure to show up early to sign up for the drawing. 

The drawing will be held at 4:00 just before we depart.

We look forward to a great ride!

For more information, leave a message at the shop for Sue Straley. 352-419-4809


We now carry Da Brims to protect your pretty face from the strong Florida sun.  There are some neat bikes and trikes in stock and on consignment.

Inside the recumbent trike store floral city


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Electric Assist Tricycles Taking Off

A Growing need/desire for Pedal Assistance with Battery Power is evident at Trailside.Bike and on the Withlacoochee State Trail.

Greg has been busy this season ordering and assembling trikes. Especially busy adding on electric assist/battery power to recumbent tricycles.

Gary is working on a red Catrike Trail without a seat on it. It has a bionx black disc on the hub of the back wheel.


Bionx Electric Assist is being requested by more trike owners and tricycle purchasers at has been seeing a greater interest in the electric assist add-on option on the recumbent trikes it sells this season.  Greg has installed many and several people just starting to ride have decided to go the electric assist way.

One customer said it helps her go the distance with her friends.  She doesn’t use much power until she gets really tired.

Bionx battery powered pedal assist is helping those who are just returning to bicycling after a long absence.  Whether their time off the bike was due to surgery or accident or health or other interests, the little boost from the motor is all it takes to get them zooming down the trail with a big smile on their face.

Use the electric assist to keep up with your faster friends


The Withlacoochee State Trail does not allow motorized vehicles but will allow pedal assist.  The motor is set to top out at 20 mph.  This is probably for safety and to stay withing the rules set for the bicycle trail.

Trailside.Bike has several models available to test ride.

The Trident E-spike is popular and sits higher than some other tricycles for an easy mount and dismount.


What a bargain!! 

A lot of new accessories are in the shop.

Looking in the door of Trailside bike at bike flags and accessories.
Visit “The Comfortable Bike Shop”. We have got lots of recumbent bicycle accessories to choose from.



Stop for a visit on your way down or up the Withlacoochee State Trail or Hwy 41 through Floral City.

Set up an account on our website and you will get news and ride announcements sent to your email.


Watch for the announcement of a May late afternoon ride from the shop to Pine Street Pub in Inverness.